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Fawaz Hussain

Fawaz Hussain or Fawaz Husên (1953- ), is a contemporary Kurdish writer and translator. He was born in northeastern Syria. He pursued his studies in Sorbonne from 1978 to 1992, and received PhD in French language and literature in 1988. He is a member of Swedish Writers' Union and French Writers' Syndicate. In addition to Kurdish, he has written several books in French and has translated works of Albert Camus and Saint–Exupéry into Kurdish.

Siwarên êsê, Novel, 111 pp., Welat Publishers, Stockholm, 1994. ISBN 91-972197-0-3
Le Fleuve, Short Story in French, Méréalê Publishers, Paris, 1997.
Dîroka edebiyata Fransî : sedsala hivdehan û hijdehan, (History of French Literature), 151 pp., Apec Publishers, 1998. ISBN 91-89014-32-4
Chroniques boréales. Short story in French, L’Harmattan Publishers, Paris, 2000.
Amîdabad, Short story, 106 pp., Avesta Publishers, Istanbul, 2002. ISBN 975-7112-94-1
Prof dans une ZEP ordinaire, 285 pp., Paris, 2006. ISBN 2-268-05815-8

Biyanî, Translation of L’Étranger by Albert Camus, Stockholm, Nûdem Publishers, Stockholm, 1995.
Mîrzayê Piçûk, Translation of Le Petit Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Nûdem Publishers, Stockholm, 1995.
La Poursuite de l'ombre, Translation of Siya Evînê by Mehmed Uzun into French, 248 pp., Phébus Publishers, Paris, 1999. ISBN 2-85940-636-0
Kurdên Haymanayê, Translation of Les Kurdes de L'Haïmaneh by Georges Perrot into Kurdish, 111 pp., Apec Publishers, Sweden, 2000. ISBN 91-89014-64-2

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