Bitlis Evleri (The Houses of Bitlis)

Bitlis is a small town in Northern Kurdistan. The city still preserves a large quantity of medieval and traditional architecture, including many houses in a distinctive regional style. and is now out of print. Two pages with English summary. Most of the book consists of numerous detailed architectural drawings, plans, elevations, and sections of the traditional houses of Bitlis in 119 colour photographs.

Publication Year: 2001
Architecture Language: Turkish
176 pages, hardback, published in Angora in 2001.
Small print 4000 copies



Mala hecî Muzefer



Mala hecî Muzefer




Mala hecî Ebbas

















Bitlis İhlasiye Medresesi














Dergeyê Mala hecî Ebbas












Qesra Yûsif Pashê





Mala Îsa Qalqan










Vartan Axampikian - New York












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