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by Ora Shwartz-Be'eri

The Israel Museum, Jarusalem



Jewish Art Kurdistan customs folk costume pottery carpet embroidery


A book about the traditions, history and crafts of the Jewish population of Kurdistan. Kurdish Jews, like so many Jewish populations, carried to Israel their unique, ancient culture and ways of life. Finding, collecting, identifying, and preserving Kurdish artifacts are the means of understanding this remarkable aspect of the Israeli cultural mélange. The roots and traditions of Kurdish Jewry have special meaning for second- and third-generation members of the Israeli-born Kurdish community, and serve as a bridge between generations and among related communities abroad. This book is profusely illustrated with wonderful color and black and white photographs of Kurdish Jews at home, work, and leisure. It presents a comprehensive visual and written portrait of this people’s rich heritage, history, religious and spiritual life, daily life, clothing, needlework, metalwork and jewelry, illuminated manuscripts, synagogues, and ceremonial and ritual objects. It includes striking paintings of Kurdish Jewish women, a table of common weaving patterns, a glossary, and a selected bibliography. In the two decades since the publication of the Hebrew edition of this seminal work, the culture of the Jews of Kurdistan has largely been integrated into mainstream Israeli culture, allowing the author's study to resonate as an ever more important ethnographic and historical document.

Translation The Jews of Kurdistan: Daily Life, Customs, Arts and Crafts
Author Ora Shwartz-Be'eri
Language English
Published Jerusalem, Israel - 2000






Xanimeka oldar ji KurdÍn CihŻ, 1910. (by Albert Kahn)




































































































The Jews of Kurdistan A Hundred Years Ago

By Walter J. Fischel 1944


















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