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S A R A - Center of Archive & Research

a publishing and distribution agency, was founded in 1987. We specialize in Kurdish literature, language, history and also IMMIGRANT & MINORITY LANGUAGE & LITERATURE. SARA is located in Vasastan, in Stockholm City, and have a well-developed net of distribution contacts all over the world. The strength of SARA has always been the combination of own production as well as the distribution of external booklists.

We have also the ambition to start S A R A - Center of Archive & Research. So far we have these cultural activities: 1 - Research in ancient Kurdish history, language and literature, 2 - Distribution of Prohibited(*) Kurdish Literature.

Some of our works are published in three Swedish journals; Idétidskriften C , Allt om Mat and Mjolkspegeln. Our aim with these works is to spread knowledge about Kurds and Kurdistan. The ancient history of Kurdistan is very interesting. Scientific researche shows us that civilization rose from the area, which today is called Kurdistan.

Some of the significant developments in the history of civilisation are: Growing Plants (Agrar Revolution /The biggest revolution in the history) and Domestication of Animals , the Inventation of Wheeled Transport System / The "Begining of Scientific Technical Revolution" and last but not least; Pastoral Revolution /Planting of bacteria. All these historical proggress occured in the "THE FERTILE/GOLDEN CRESCENT" Northern Mesopotamia, today called: Kurdistan.

A brief summary of Kurdistan's history of colonization

Please refere to some of these sources for deeper information:

1 - Darvin, Charles/ The Origin of Species, 1859. (About the history of domestication of animals).

2 - Wigram, Edgar T. A./ The Cradle of Mankind - Life in Eastern Kurdistan, London 1914. (About the history of the oldest settlements)

3 - Child, Gordon/ What Happened in History, 1942. (About the history of - Agrar Revolution)

4 - Braidwood, Robert J. / American Anthropological Association, University of Chicago, The Jarmo Projekt 1948. (About the history of Agrar Revolution and domestication of animals)

5 - Braidwood, Robert J & Howe, Bruce/ Prehistoric Investigation in Iraqi Kurdistan, 1960 (About the history of Agrar Revolution and domestication of animals)

6 - Nickles, Harry G/ Middle Eastern Cooking / The Food That Launched Civilisation, 1969. (About the history of Agrar Revolution and domestication of animals)

7 - SCIENCE, Site of Einkorn Wheat Domestication Identified by DNA Fingerprinting, 1312-1314, 14-11-1997. (Source about the growing plants in Çiyayê Qaraj - Amîda / Kurdistan first time in the history).

8 - Prof Stuart Piggot/ The Beginnings of Wheeled Transport. Scientific American, July 1968, p. 82-90. (The history of wheeled transport system)

9 - The origins and spread of agriculture and pastoralism in Euroasia

10 - NATURE. Autumn 2003, (About the Births and development history of the Indo-European Languages).



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