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Memorandum of Understanding SARA/IFIAS

This is to declare that the Institute for international assistance and solidarity (IFIAS) and SARA Kurdish library project intend to work together for promoting their activities and making their work in Diyarbakir sustainable for the future.

It is understood that IFIAS is conducting a project financed under the EIDHR program and managed by the EC delegation Ankara which intends to build up a Human Rights Training Center in Diyarbakir, to act as a place for civil society to become more knowledgeable about international standards and promote international cooperation of NGOs and which will end in September 2007.

SARA Kurdish library project has united about 20000 titles by now in minority languages of the region and intends to donate them to the people in Diyarbakir as a resource of cultural heritage.

IFIAS has so far found a place of 175m² in a good location in the city center. The rent is assured until the end of September and staff has been hired for the same period. IFIAS is interested to find resources for the time after the project financing ends and also as co-finance during the project duration.

SARA Kurdish library project has so far not yet found resources for the project of establishing a place in Diyarbakir. They are interested to join in the IFIAS activities as this constitutes a useful addition to the library project and will assure that people come and visit the place through a variety of activities going on.

Both parties agree to collaborate in fundraising both for the period of the project and the time after. In this context, a foundation according to Swedish law (the name to be agreed) is going to be organised which will have members from both organisations as well as popular Swedish personalities. This foundation will fundraise for:

- rent of the premises
- furnishing of the place
- staff cost
- international expertise

Fundraising will address various bodies, such as SIDA, the Dutch, Belgian, German Foreign Office, KRG etc.

The Human Rights Training Center will host the SARA Kurdish library project under the title: “European Library and Museum for minority languages and culture”

Further activities of the center will consist of legal assistance for women and children, training for NGOs on project management, international networking, international standards of human rights.

Made in Brussels, 10 May 2007

Signed by: IFIAS and SARA's Kurdish Library Project







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