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This booklet consists of two parts:

Part 1: An discussion of the origins and political setting of the Baghdad Pact

Part 2: A copy of the Baghdad Pact.

The Baghdad Pact is also know under the more correct term of Central Treaty Organization (CENTO), which was the term used after Iraq left in 1959. It is also referred to as Middle East Treaty Organization. The name comes from the signing that too place in Baghdad, Iraq in 1955 and the main purpose of this political pact was to prevent and crush the Kurdish National Movement.

The treaty was initiated by USA and NATO also as part of the intent to create a worldwide chain of anti-Soviet alliances. At the first stage, Turkey signed a Pact of Mutual Cooperation with Pakistan. This was soon expanded to include Iraq. Then followed Iran and Britain. The reason was fears about the struggle of the opressed Kurds who can be allied with the Soviet Union. This statue of the Kurds must be hold by the local satelite states: Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran.

It was designed to be open for new members, principally coming from the Arab League. Western countries even tried to force Lebanon, Jordan and Syria to join.