by Margaret Kahn

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Children of the Jinn: In Search of the Kurds and Their Country - 1980

(Zarokên Cinnan: Li pey kurdan û welatê wan lêgerîn - 1980)

by Margaret Kahn

The explanation of the metaphor "jinn child" is: When the foreign occupying armies of various nations have had to pass through Kurdistan's impenetrable mountainous terrain, the Kurds has offered a hard resistance. The Kurds who have lived here for thousands of years has developed an ingenious military defense systems in the mountainous terrain against these powerful armies by surprise by beating and disappear quickly. When the ancient armies led by Alexander the Great and Ksenofons passed Kurdistan, they described how Karduks (then the Kurds) cleverly made these resistans. Later, when the superstitious bedouin Arabs in the Saudi peninsula made theirs first acquaintance with the Kurds, they encountered the same tactics of Kurds. When the Islamic armies reached Kurdistan borders on the 700's, they encountered the Kurds with these quick military actions. They appeared out of nowhere, inflicted great damage on the Islamic occupation armies and disappeared without a trace. The superstitious beduins began to believe that these were nothing but djinns. Since beduin Arabs believed strongly in different beings, they wrote their faith in their history books.

ISBN-10 0872235645
ISBN-13 9780872235649

Key Details
Author Margaret Kahn
Format Hardcover
Publication Date 1980-04-01
Language English
Publisher Penguin Group (USA) Incorporated