Travel magazine - November 1936 - KURDISTAN





TITLE: Travel
MONTH: November
YEAR: 1936
COVER SUBJECT: Mexican Mother

ARTICLES (Title or subject/author/illustrator or photos)
The Last of Burmas Golden Cities / John and William Barnes / Photos of:
- Typical Monastery and Pagoda near Mandalay
- Edifices and Figures used in Cremation Ceremonies
- Woman Worshipper
- Kithodow
- Yellow Robed Monk
- Regal Mandalay
- Completing a New Temple
- A Marine Taxi in Rangoon

Story Book Village in Kurdistan / Jocelyn Crane / Photos of:
- Kirkuk, City of Hidden Fire
- Holiday Celebration in a Mountain Village
- Assyrian Christian Women at Shaqlawah
- The Roof Tops of Shaqlawah
- Kurdish Youngsters
- Sword Dance

New Light on Our Oldest City / Caroline H. Ridgway / Photos of:
- St. Augustine
- Indian Christian Cemetery
- Fountain Discovered by Ponce de Leon
- Doorway to Fort Marion
- Wall and Moat in the Northern End of St. Augustine

War Clouds over Gibraltar / Madeleine Sweeny Miller / Photos of:
- Sunshine and Shadow at Ibiza in the Balearic Isles
- Southernmost Tip of Gibraltar
- Dock in Ceuta in Spanish Morocco
- A Window Looking Toward Spain
- British Warships Near Gibraltar
- Pillar of Hercules
- Moorish Soldiers
- Soldiers on Guard at the Spanish Border
- The Harbor at Ceuta

A Rendezvous of Fashion in the Old South / Armstrong Perry / Photo of Archery Contest / Illustrations of:
- White Sulphur Springs in 1860
- William C. Grauers Mural in the Virginia Room-1960s recreation
- Old Lithograph from 1857 of the Resort

Songs that the Insects Sing / Jennie E. Harris / Photos of :
- Metamorphosis of a Cicada
- March Peeper toad
- Cricket
- Green Troubadour
- Golden Garden Siper and a Stag Beetle Listen to the Cricket

Alaskas Reindeer College / Marius Hansome / Photos of:
- Reindeer
- Man Riding a Reindeer
- Antlered Male
- domesticated reindeer
- Milking time
- Herd at Rest
- Fawning Season
- Call of the Wild

City of Fortune Hunters / Henry Albert Phillips / Photos of:
- Waterfront of Bahia
- Bahia from the Air
- Dugouts and Tugboats
- Upper City

National Travel Club Bulletin

Traveling Between Covers

Rumania Honors Her Peasants / 9 Photos of Celebration

Hadschi Ben Jussuf Strikes a Bargain / 4 photos of Hadschi Ben Jussuf

In the Ranks of Spains Republican Army / 6 Photos of Men and Women Soldiers

Fashion Hints for Travel / Peggy Leidy / 7 Photos

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