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RARE KURDISH JUDAICA letter writen 1944:s by Kurdish Jews of Zakho city in Kurdistan.



The translation is following:

"Winter 1944

Notice to the general public

On behalf of the Kurdistan Jewry Association.

We are honored to invite you to an extended assembly

The four neighborhoods our as well as: neighborhood zivron Joseph, zikhron ya'cov

Shabbat tzedek and sha'ar harakhamim

Which will take place, if God wills in the Great Synagogue

Of Zakho people, in our neighborhood - zikhron yusef

On Holy Shabbat

(Every Saturday we read this week's Torah portion)

The Jethro Affair

Jethro was Zipporah's father. The wife of Moses the Great Prophets

The Sabbath day is on the 20th of Shvat month

At 11 am

This important meeting will be attended by the honor of the Jerusalem District Officer

Mr. y .kislov

Together with other officers of the Jerusalem area"

Please show up at the appointed time

With the blessing of the people who cherish and respect you

Kurdistan Jewish Association in Jerusalem


TODA RABA for translation R. B.


There are both sides of the page in Hebrew and English Kurdistan Jewish Association in Jerusalem But instead of translating the word: Kurdistan Jewry Association They did not translate the pair of words into Englis And wrote Hebrew words In Latin letters.

R- B- Translater from Hebrew.




































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