Primitive Rebels Or Revolutionar Modernisers?: The Kurdish Nationalist Movement


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Subject: Law & Government
Publisher: Zed Book

Author: Paul J. White
Language: English
Format: Paperback
ISBN-10: 1856498220
ISBN-13: 9781856498227

Length: 258 pages
Height: 8.8 in
Width: 6 in
Thickness: 0.8 in
Weight: 12 oz



Publisher's Note

Protests worldwide followed the capture and trial of the PKK leader Abdullah ÷calan in 1999. But where does the PKK come from? What are its aims? Who supports it? What will its future be without ÷calan? And is there hope for a peaceful resolution to the Kurdish question in Turkey and a democratic future? This timely book seeks answers to these questions and provides an informative, up-to-date and readable account of the Kurdish reality in Turkey today. Its focus is a critical examination of the Kurdish nationalist movement--especially the largest and most powerful grouping, the PKK.










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