Narrative of Defenece of





Colonel Atwell Lake



Historical and military account from authentic documents and from notes taken by several officers serving on the staff of her Majesty's commissioner with the Ottoman Army in Asia Minor. 344 pages with very large pull-out folding map in rear pocket. Togeth with The Fortress of Kars by Col. Ushakov and field works by Col. Lake, this being a folding tinted panorama. 5 tinted litho plates.This being a very large linin backed fold out map showing the Fortress of Kars. The map is housed in a front pocket. Book is still in original red blindstamped cloth. Fortress panorama is fine also. Endpapers are repaired and main text and map have almost no foxing.

The book deals with the Russo-Turkish war of 1855 or the Crimean War. Written by English general who was sent by her Majesty to help Ottoman army in organization and carrying out military operations against the armies of Tsarist Russia. A first-hand account of the Crimean War. In 1855 general Williams transferred to the British Army and was seconded to the Turks for the defence of the fortress of Kars which the Russians besieged and occupied in 1855. The story of the defence of Kars in the Crimean War, but Kars must have been getting used to this sort of Russian activity. In 1807 it successfully resisted the Russians, but lost out to them in 1828 and again in 1855. In the war of 1877-78 it was again stormed by the Russians under the Armenian General - Count Loris-Melikov and was part of Russian Armenia untill 1921 when it was returned to Turkey by Lenin. General Mikhail Tarielovich Loris-Melikov 1826–88 was a son of an Armenian merchant. He rose to the rank of of a general and statesman. He was created count for his services in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877–78 and in 1880 was made minister of the interior by Tzar Alexander II. He promoted some liberal reforms, specifically in the educational system, and drafted a program to allow members of the zemstvos to play a minor advisory role in legislation. Alexander II approved this reform on the day he was assassinated (1884), but Alexander III voided the reform and dismissed its author. Loris-Melikov in his youth is portrayed in Leo Tolstoy's Hadjii Murad. In the war of 1855 Mikhail Loris-Melikov was also present, but he did not have a general rank at that time.

Illustrated by William Simpson. Fine, 150 years old book. Includes a large fold-out map, large color fold-out panorama and 5 color, tinted plates. 1857

Publisher: London: Richard Bentley, 1857, London. 150 years old title. Publication Date: 1857. Binding: Hardcover. Illustrator: Simpson, William. Book Condition: very good. Edition: First.