New York

First American Edition 1965

Kurdish Revolution


Mullah Mustafa Barzani


The Kurdish War by David Adamson – 1964

In the summer of 1962 David Adamson was working in Paris when he met the Emir Bedir Khan, the leader of the Kurdish nationalist movement. From that meeting sprang a decision to try and enter the Kurdish-held territory in the north-west of "Iraq". The difficulties were considerable. It was impossible to go through Iraq and the Persian, Turkish and Syrian frontiers in the vicinity of the revolt were closed. This book tells not only of a 200-mile journey on foot and horseback through the rebel mountains but also of the circuitous route through the Middle East the author had to take to get there. He describes the leaders of the revolt and the aspirations, history and background of the Kurdish Nationalists, whose ancestors Zenophone’s Greek described as “worse than Tissaphernes’, the Persian general who harried them after the disastrous Battle of Cunaxa.

Pages – 215 with text and black and white photographs.









Ibrahim Ahmed
Secretary-General of the Democratic Party of Kurdistan



Colonel Akrawi (on right) returning from Ziwah Camp



Kurdish Soldier



Mustafa Karadaghi



Map of Kurdistan



The hospital in the cave at Cham-i-Razan




A mixed bag of prisoners, Arabs, alleged spies and Kurdish militia



Partisans at the Democratic Party headquarters near Malouma




On the summit of mount Sarband




Refugee children outside their cave